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1、Operations management teaching on European MBA programmes

2、Short Notes: Generalizability of MBA Degree and Socioeconomic Effects on Business School Graduates' Salaries

3、Machiavellianism, MBA's and Managers: Leadership Correlates and Socialization Effects

4、Rates and factors associated with suicide in Kaniyambadi Block, Tamil Nadu, South India, 2000-2002.

5、Body Area Network and Its Standardization at IEEE 802.15.MBAN

6、Infrared and Raman spectra of the MBa 2 Cu 3 O 7 -type high-T c superconductors



9、A voyage of discovery or a fast track to success: men, women and the MBA

10、Values and career choice at the beginning of the MBA educational process

11、MBAL: A Mobile Beacon-Assisted Localization Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks

12、Ribosome-binding proteins Mdm38 and Mba1 display overlapping functions for regulation of mitochondrial translation.

13、A surgical approach for flexible flatfeet in adults including a subtalar arthroereisis with the MBA sinus tarsi implant.

14、How Much Does “Subject Matter” Matter? A Study of Disciplinary Effects in On-Line MBA Courses

15、The Information Technology Interaction Model: a Core Model for the Mba Core Course

16、The Future of the Planet in the Hands of MBAs: An Examination of CEO MBA Education and Corporate Environmental Performance




20、Swarming-coupled expression of the Proteus mirabilis hpmBA haemolysin operon


1、Discorhabdin R: a new antibacterial pyrroloiminoquinone from two latrunculiid marine sponges, Latrunculia sp. and Negombata sp.

2、Career progress and career barriers: women MBA graduates in Canada and the UK


4、Capitalising on learning: an exploration of the MBA as a vehicle for developing career competencies

5、Who's in the Ethics Driver's Seat? Factors Influencing Ethics in the MBA Curriculum

6、Explaining influences on career ‘choice’: the case of MBA students in comparative perspective

7、Molecular biology of the 2-haloacid halidohydrolase IVa from Pseudomonas cepacia MBA4.

8、Rethinking the MBA

9、Marketing higher education: the MBA experience

10、Inhibition of mitogen-activated protein kinase activity and proliferation of an early osteoblast cell line (MBA 15.4) by dexamethaso...

11、Killam WP, Tambatamba BC, Chintu N, et al.. Antiretroviral therapy in antenatal care to increase treatment initiation in HIV-infecte...

12、Electronic and vibrational signatures of the Au102(p-MBA)44 cluster.

13、A new higher education marketing mix: the 7Ps for MBA marketing

14、Weiss G, Thuma PE, Biemba G, Mazeba G, Werner ER, and Gordeux V. Cerebrospinal fluid level of biopterin, nitric oxide metabolites, a...

15、Temperature dependence of the Raman and infrared phonons of MBa2Cu3O7-δ-type superconductors

16、Impact of MBA Education on Students’ Values: Two Longitudinal Studies

17、The MBA as careerist: An analysis of early-career job change

18、People of the ancient rainforest: Late Pleistocene foragers at the Batadomba-lena rockshelter, Sri Lanka

19、Popular Reactions to State Repression: Operation Murambatsvina in Zimbabwe

20、Selecting the right MBA schools – An application of self-organizing map networks


1、Infection and disease development of Quambalaria spp. on Corymbia and Eucalyptus species

2、Synthesis and structures of novel low-valent group 14 1,3-dimetallacyclobutanes and a mixed-metal 1,3-stanna-plumbacyclobutane.

3、How Classroom Environment and Student Engagement Affect Learning in Internet-based MBA Courses

4、Effects of an MBA and socioeconomic origins on business school graduates' salaries

5、Comparison of yttrium and indium complexes of DOTA-BA and DOTA-MBA: models for (90)Y- and (111)In-labeled DOTA-biomolecule conjugates.

6、How relevant is the MBA? Assessing the alignment of required MBA curricula and required managerial competencies

7、Assessing the MBA

8、Reputation and efficiency: A non-parametric assessment of America’s top-rated MBA programs

9、Career choice in management: findings from US MBA students

10、Missionaries, Mercenaries Or Car Salesmen? MBA Teaching In Malaysia

11、Songyang Z, Gish G, Mbamalu G, Pawson T & Cantley LC.A single point mutation switches the specificity of group III Src homology (SH)...

12、Values and Attitudes Toward Social and Environmental Accountability: a Study of MBA Students

13、Geographies of business education: MBA programmes, reflexive business schools and the cultural circuit of capital

14、The added value of MBA studies – graduates’ perceptions

15、Tissue autofluorescence as an intermediate endpoint in NMBA-induced esophageal carcinogenesis

16、Sea ranching of the marine sponge Negombata magnifica (Demospongiae, Latrunculiidae) as a first step for latrunculin B mass product...


18、An Exploratory Study of the Effects of Gender on Student Learning and Class Participation in an Internet-Based MBA Course

19、Reflecting on a Critical Pedagogy in MBA Education

20、Rethinking the MBA


1、Electronic Structure of Thiolate-Covered Gold Nanoparticles: Au102(MBA)44



4、The Impact of an MBA on Graduate Careers

5、Exploring MBA career success

6、Di Benedetto A, Watkins M, Grimston S, Salazar V, Donsante C, Mbalaviele G et al.. N-cadherin and cadherin 11 modulate postnatal bon...

7、Does Academic Research Help or Hurt MBA Programs?

8、BAP1 cancer syndrome: malignant mesothelioma, uveal and cutaneous melanoma, and MBAITs

9、Perceived effects of an MBA degree on employability and career advancement

10、Infrared and Raman spectra of the new superconducting cuprate perovskites MBa 2 Cu 3 O 7 , M =Nd, Dy, Er, Tm

11、To MBA or not to MBA

12、Suicide in the elderly in Kaniyambadi block, Tamil Nadu, South India

13、Valence bands, oxygen in planes and chains, and surface changes for single crystals of M2CuO4 and MBa2Cu3Ox (M=Pr,Nd,Eu,Gd).

14、A randomized, controlled trial of mindfulness-based art therapy (MBAT) for women with cancer.

15、JOB MARKET PAPER Executive Networks and Firm Policies: Evidence from the Random Assignment of MBA Peers

16、Cipollini D, Mbagwu J, Barto K, Hillstrom C, Enright S. Expression of constitutive and inducible chemical defenses in native and inv...

17、Report of the fact-finding mission to Zimbabwe to assess the scope and impact of Operation Murambatsvina

18、Geochronology and Petrogenesis of the Cretaceous Antampombato-Ambatovy Complex and Associated Dyke Swarm, Madagascar

19、The relationship of acute mesodermal cell death to the teratogenic effects of 7-OHM-12-MBA in the foetal rat.

20、High Tc superconductors MBa2Cu3O7?x with M = Mixed Rare earths and Y: Low frequency phonon peak engineering


1、The Information Technology Interaction Model: A Foundation for the MBA Core Course.

2、Mba1, a membrane-associated ribosome receptor in mitochondria

3、Heavy metals in edible green vegetables grown along the sites of the Sinza and Msimbazi rivers in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

4、Virtual Classroom Characteristics and Student Satisfaction with Internet-Based MBA Courses.

5、The MBA Core Curricula of Top-Ranked U.S. Business Schools: A Study in Failure?

6、Determinants and consequences of salary negotiations by male and female MBA graduates.

7、Galmbacher P, Willmitzer L, Müller M: Production of human papillomavirus type 16 virus-like particles in transgenic plants

8、MBA-crosslinked Na-Alg/CMC as a smart full-polysaccharide superabsorbent hydrogels

9、Mba1, a novel component of the mitochondrial protein export machinery of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

10、The Familiarity with and Perceived Quality of Accounting Journals: Views of Senior Accounting Faculty in Leading U. S. MBA Programs

11、Determining the relative efficiency of MBA programs using DEA

12、Rethinking the MBA: business education at a crossroads

13、Conceptual maps of the leading MBA programs in the United States: core courses, concentration areas, and the ranking of the school

14、Synthesis and characterization of Au102(p-MBA)44 nanoparticles.

15、Cohort profile: the Themba Lethu Clinical Cohort, Johannesburg, South Africa.

16、Using Vital Registration Data to Update Mortality among Patients Lost to Follow-up from ART Programs: Evidence from the Themba Lethu...

17、Bellinger FP, Madamba S & Siggins GR.Interleukin-1 inhibits synaptic strength and long-term potentiation in the rat CA1 hippo campus...

18、Is There an Optimal Design for On-Line MBA Courses?

19、Impact of Hunting on Large Vertebrates in the Mbaracayu Reserve, Paraguay

20、Managing the on-line classroom : A study of technological and behavioral characteristics of web-based MBA courses



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